Northumbria… This ancient land of myths and legends; bounded by the North Sea and the Pennine Hills, the River Humber and the Firth of Forth created from the Kingdoms of Deria and Bernicia. Invaded by the Roman Legions, who partitioned it with Hadrians Wall; and the Viking Hoards, who sacked and pillaged before settling to farm its wonderful fertile valleys.

This can be a harsh country, wild enough to challenge the strongest souls, but also beautiful with peaks and valleys, coasts and rivers to match anywhere in the world. From such a place, influenced by war and conquest, harsh land and wild weather, come a great number of stories and fables with which the Northumbrian folk entertained, educated and terrified themselves around warm fires on cool evenings. And from these folk stories came the idea for the Northern Fables Collection.


Northern Fables

The Northern Fables Collection will consist of a range of unique full-strength Gins centred around Fables from the ancient kingdom of Northumbria, the first of which is the Laidly Wyrm. The Laidly Wyrm of Spindlestone Heugh is an ancient tale of love, jealousy, deceit, magic and heroism set around the 6th century Bernician stronghold of Bamburgh Castle. Only through the love and heroism of her brother can the beautiful Princess Margaret be freed from the Witch’s enchanment.

Click HERE or scan QR code on the back of the bottle for the full fable. Over the next five years the collection will grow with new Gins and new Fables from around the Kingdom which will tantalise your taste buds and satisfy your imagination. It’s going to be quite a tale.


The Northern Fables Founders' Club is an exclusive club of only 200 members worldwide who have a deep love of history, mystery, magical tales and, of course, great Gins. Each year, for 5 years, you will receive one of only two hundred 1st release bottles of the Northern Fables Gin Collection.

Northern Fables

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