Our first and finest. The original Alnwick Gin is renowned for its unique flavour and silky qualities in the mouth. Where possible we have locally sourced our botanicals and recreated the family recipe to give you an incredibly smooth gin with a sweet smoky finish. 



Our signature gin, and for good reason. Each of the 11 botanicals in this drink work together to create a taste sensation reminiscent of the landscape it comes from. A discerning palate will savour the key flavours of juniper, rosehip and lavender, rounded off with a hint of fennel. Refreshingly versatile, choose from a range of garnishes and mixers to highlight your favourite elements. 

Award Winning

A sophisticated harmony of rural Northumbrian wilderness and exotic warming spices.

We present Alnwick Gin to you in a beautiful stoneware bottle, adorned with our bespoke pewter label, batch number and Ginmaster’s signature. Each 50cl bottle also proudly wears its Silver Medal awarded by the London Spirit Competition. 


Quality is paramount to us across the whole production process, which means that only the finest ingredients are selected, and we never make more than 100 litres at a time. This is to ensure that every drop of Alnwick Gin tastes exactly as intended. 

Why Not
Try It

A cinnamon rim, red apple garnish and ginger ale mixer for a taste of Christmas in a glass. 



To Start:

With a pale honey colour from the botanical’s natural oils, you can enjoy black pepper, cardamom and coriander. As this subsides, the lighter floral notes take centre stage, where rosemary, lavender and rosehip shine through. 

To FInish:

Subtle tones of fennel round off the experience leaving a refreshing, crisp and smoky impression in the mouth. 

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