Responsible Drinking

Please Drink Responsibly

The Northumberland Spirit Company Ltd. is committed to making nights out, nights in, or any time spent with alcohol, a socially responsible experience. We believe that responsible drinking is a valued and enjoyable part of celebrations in everyday life for most people who choose to drink. We take great care to only market our product responsibly to adults. We support programmes, practices and policies that create a more positive role for alcohol in society and address issues related to the misuse of alcohol. We encourage our consumers to make responsible decisions about drinking – or not drinking.

Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol affects different people in different ways. Two people can drink the same amount of alcohol and react differently because of their gender, weight, ability to process and breakdown alcohol or their tolerance to alcohol. Even the same person can drink the same amount of alcohol on different occasions and be affected differently on each occasion. Keep track of how much you drink. Pace yourself, alternate drinks with water to stay refreshed and have a bite to eat before or while you drink. These and many more helpful hints and tips will help you make it a night to remember, not to forget.

Home Safely

Key to a successful night is having a safe way to get home. Think about how you’re going to get home before you leave home – grab a cab or designate a driver.