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The Beautiful Blend Of Blood Orange, Milk Thistle, Dandelion And Nettle Gives This Gin A Delightful Flavour We’re Sure You’ll Enjoy.

Northumberland Spirit Company, home of

Alnwick Gin Blacksmiths Gin Northern Fables

The Northumberland Spirit Company pride ourselves on only using the finest ingredients to create a Gin of the highest quality for the discerning pallet. Renowned for its smoothness and unique flavour our small batch, hand crafted Gins are distilled in the rural heart of Northumberland. We are home to Alnwick Gin, Blacksmiths Gin and the enchanting Northern Fables Collection.

You don't say?...

Award winning
Alnwick Gin

You will savour the key flavours of Juniper, Rosehip and Lavender; rounded off with just a hint of Fennel to give a sublimely smooth taste.

Alnwick Gin Northumberland
Alnwick Gin
Rose Gin Alnwick
Blacksmiths Rose Gin

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Rose Gin

Using genuine rose petals we have created this superb Rose Gin which elegantly captures the beautiful fragrance of an English country garden.

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Laidly Wyrm

10 carefully selected botanicals are expertly combined in our Blacksmiths Hall Distillery to bring you a beautifully crafted gin that mixes well with all tonics, and also a ginger ale.

Northumberland Spirit
Laidly Wyrm Gin

Hand Crafted...

Small Batch Gin

Each batch is restricted to 100 litres to ensure that every sip of Alnwick Gin tastes exactly as it was intended. Each stoneware bottle is presented with our bespoke pewter label, carries a batch number and the signature of the Alnwick Gin creator. Also within our range we have, for your enjoyment, Gin based Fruit Liqueurs, the sublime Alnwick Sloe Gin, our Blacksmiths Gin range and the Northern Fables Gin Collection. To find out more about the Northumberland Spirit Co. and Grandad's legacy, discover our story below.