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Northern Fables
Founders' Club

The Northern Fables Founders' Club is an exclusive club of only 200 members worldwide who have a deep love of history, mystery, magical tales and, of course, great Gins.

Each year, for 5 years, you will receive one of only two hundred 1st release bottles of the Northern Fables Gin Collection. This new and exciting range will be launched in October 2020 with Laidly Wyrm Gin.

The myth, the legend...

What's included?

Accompanying each 1st release bottle you will receive a 5cl tasting miniature, so your first release bottle can remain unopened. In addition to this, each year, you will receive a 10% members discount on all purchases made in our shop or online, as well as to a host of other benefits. But the story doesn’t end there…

In addition to all the benefits of Founders' Club mentioned above, in 2025 you will receive an EXCLUSIVE bottle of gin as a ‘thank you’ for being part of our story. This 6th bottle in your collection will be named ‘Founders' Gin’ and only 200 bottles of this will ever be produced. As a Founders' Club member, you will receive one of these exclusive bottles and will therefore own one of only 200 that will ever be available in the World. We’d love you to become a part of our story.

For a full list of membership benefits please see below

Founders' Club...

Membership Benefits

On joining the Founders' Club you will receive

  • Your certificate of membership to the exclusive Northern Fables Founders' Club.
  • Your Northern Fables Founders’ Club membership card, which entitles you to 10% discount on all Northumberland Spirit Company products until December 2026
  • Terms and conditions of membership.

Soon after this you will then receive

  • Your 70cl bottle of Batch 1 Laidly Wyrm Gin -Batch 1 limited to 200 bottles only.
  • Your 5cl miniature bottle of Laidly Wyrm Gin - so you can enjoy this gin without having to open your collectors bottle.
  • All of the above benefits also include FREE U.K. delivery

You will then receive annually until October 2024

  • Your next 70cl bottle of Batch 1 Northern Fables Gin – Batch 1 limited to 200 bottles only.
  • Your matching 5cl miniature Northern Fables Gin – so you can enjoy this gin without having to open your collectors bottle.

and there's more!
In October 2025 you will then receive

  • A 70cl bottle of Founders Gin.  This gin will be produced EXCLUSIVELY for Northern Fables Founders’ Club only and will not be released for general sale.  Only 200 bottles of this gin will ever be made making it highly desirable and collectable!
  • Your matching 5cl miniature of Founders' Gin so your collectable bottle can remain intact
  • All of the above benefits also include FREE U.K. delivery

Membership is STRICTLY limited to 200 members worldwide so don’t delay, join today! For International membership and shipping rates please contact us at

Order through the website with a one time payment of £200 or you can pay in four instalments of £55. Please contact us on 01665 579100 for this payment option.For full membership conditions go to our Terms and Conditions below.

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