Inspired by the summer evenings spent in the fruit-filled garden where our story began, our fruit flavoured liqueurs, when combined with your choice of mixer, make for a refreshing long drink without over-diluting the best bits of gin. 



Delicate, refreshing and delightfully fragrant, our fruit liqueurs are as versatile as they are colourful.  Evolving from a curiosity to experiment with the flavours we love so much in gin, fruit flavoured gin liqueurs are a natural progression in discovering what else the spirit can offer. These liqueurs are the creative younger cousins of a more traditional gin. 


We carefully blend natural fruit flavourings with our premium gin to create a simple yet elegant drink, with the impressive ability to transport your senses right back to nature. Available in 3 flavour pairings - Rhubarb & Strawberry, Raspberry & Vanilla, Lime & Ginger - these bottles can be purchased individually or as a trio presented in a gift box. 

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Pour over ice and top with prosecco or lemonade to enjoy a glass of something very special. 

Do not be afraid to experiment - for added luxury, drizzle over ice-cream - you can thank us later.


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