Forged with passion, this daring, triple-distilled gin will leave you with a subtle afterglow that captures the true spirit of ancient Northumbria. 



Citrus and spice, with ice and a slice - Firestorm Gin is a treat for the senses.

Named in honour of The Northumberland Spirit Co.’s home of the old Blacksmith’s Forge in Rock, this bold and aromatic drink will ignite the soul. 10 carefully selected botanicals are precisely combined into the perfect proportions before our Ginmaster expertly infuses them for the optimum length of time - not too long, not too short. The spirit is then re-distilled for a perfectly clear and flavourful gin. 

The Finest

Firestorm is the product of a careful union between refreshing citrus and warming spice botanicals and its distinctive flavour will not be forgotten lightly. Hand-crafted in the heart of rural Northumberland, we select only the finest ingredients and never make more than 100 litres at a time. This is to ensure that every drop of Gin tastes exactly as intended. 

Why Not
Try It

Fancy something more than your standard mixer? Try using Firestorm Gin as an alternative to Vodka in the classic Bloody Mary cocktail. 


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Forged with Passion